The AutoCone 130 is an Innovative Product Award Winner and is currently being used world-wide. Manufacturing heavy duty, innovative equipment is our speciality, and the AutoCone 130 is no exception. From its rugged heavy duty gear box to simple push button use, the AutoCone 130 has been thoughtfully engineered to make the job of storing, placing and picking up traffic cones better, safer, and faster.


  • Workers are safe inside the cab of the truck
  • Weather related working conditions are no longer a factor
  • Works on both sides of the machine, allowing flexibility while setting or picking up cones
  • The driver controls the machine using simple
    controls, usually just one button push per cone.
    Our AUTODROP option measures and automatically
    drops cones at your preset spacing.


  • What was a 3-person job now becomes a 1-person job, freeing up employess to do other important work
  • No need to load and unload cones; the AutoCone 130 stores, sets, and picks up cones
  • AutoCone 130 uses interchangeable components. Troubleshooting is done with a simple 12v test light
  • Options such as Auto Drop, Rear Mounted Arrow Board, Digital Displays make the job even easier


  • Just hook up and go! The machine tows using a 3/4 ton pickup truck. No modifications are required on the truck.
  • No special driver's license required
  • AutoCone 130 uses attached battery power
  • The hitch easily converts from pintle ring to ball, and provides generous height adjustments.


  • This pile of cones costs well over $1000 and is a tempting target for theft. Our machine stores the cones, prevents theft, and saves the labor of constantly loading and unloading cones from trucks.
  • The AutoCone 130 stores 130 cones, saving storage space and prevents theft


  • Set or Pick up cones from either side, knocked down or standing
  • Battery powered
  • Attach to any available 3/4 ton pick up truck; the hang height is adjustable!
  • Options such as auto-drop make the job even easier


  • The AutoCone 130 does all the lifting so base weights are always used making the traffic cones more stable in windy conditions.
  • The entire cone storage drum rotates as needed to supply or retrieve cones. This rugged heavy duty gearbox handles the job with ease.

Find out more about this Automatic Traffic Cone Machine at the Centreville Trailer website.

Another innovative trailer safety solution from Centreville Manufacturing!