610CGDT "Critter Gitter" Dump Trailer/Grapple

grapple extended

This trailer was designed at the request of state DOT’s to help in picking up dead animal carcasses from the roadway. Few employees relish the idea of performing this task. Currently, a crew is required to manually lift the animals into a truck.

The trailer can be towed by a pickup truck (or larger vehicle) and is totally self-contained with its own engine/hydraulic system. It’s a one person job!! The grapple and boom assembly allow these animals to be picked up without employees needing to touch the carcass-greatly appreciated by the workers. The boom reaches 11 feet, lifts up to 500 lbs at maximum reach and has a 180 degree swing. The grapple opens to 36”.


You will quickly adapt this machine for many other uses, such as storm debris cleanup, abandoned appliances, picking up and transporting piles of tires, traffic accident cleanup, or merely using the dump body to transport sand, mulch, etc. A self retracting tarp covers the load as you drive.

The unit is powered by an 8HP Honda gasoline engine. The articulated boom allows an operator flexibility by reaching over a guardrail, into a drain culvert or other difficult places. The boom swings to either side of the trailer.

Deer in Median strip

Find out more about the "Critter Gitter" Grapple/Dump Trailer at the Centreville Manufacturing website.

Another innovative trailer from Centreville Manufacturing!