About Innovative Equipment

As an innovator, we are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to invent and produce specialized equipment, whether trailer mounted or not. One such opportunity came during a traffic backup during highway construction. We observed a pickup truck with a crew, setting traffic cones on the road: One worker drove the truck slowly, another grabbed a cone off a stack and handed it to a third worker that reached over the side of the truck dropping the cones on the pavement. We asked ourselves how we could make this job safer, or faster, or both, and so the first AutoCone trailer was born!

“Innovate Equipment” has one purpose: To watch how things are done currently, and look for better, safer, or faster ways to do things using equipment, tools or machinery. We design, build and test working prototypes, and when they prove successful, we make them available for sale. We are especially interested in providing equipment solutions for those companies or organizations that maintain and build American infrastructure such as roads, bridges, water, electricity, and so on.

Innovative Equipment is a division of Centreville Trailer Manufacturing and has always meant “heavy duty” to customers in the the Mid Atlantic states. The company has made flatbed trailers for transporting construction and agricultural equipment since the mid 1960’s. In the late 90’s a new management team purchased the company with the ambitious goal diversify the product line, so the name changed from "Centreville Tag-A-Long Trailers" to Centreville Manufacturing Inc (CMI).

Centreville Manufacturing quickly developed a reputation for building trailers that would hold up in the construction equipment/trailer rental environment. This is no small feat as the demand for “heavy duty” is an absolute must in that field. The rental industry asked for some unique products that did not previously exist, and CMI responded. We built trailers for transporting small scissors lifts and concrete saw trailers with integral water tanks, and much more to meet our client's needs.